Rights Brigade forms!

The time has come for real change in the world.

From a society living in fear of law enforcement it once looked to for protection, to a sluggish economy with high unemployment, to a governance system unresponsive to the desires of the average citizen, it’s easy to lose hope of a better future. Worse, solutions presented are mainly centered around either increasing the size and scope of the very government that failed to solve these issues in the first place, or simply criticizing current power structures without success.

Enter the Rights Brigade, a citizen activism platform dedicated to giving a voice, mission, and structure to activists seeking an effective way of bettering their world. Our mission is to promote and organize quality, professional activism in defense of our basic rights as human individuals, and to provide publicity for, and documentation of, said activism.

We believe that we, as humans and individuals, have the right to live, and thrive, as we see fit, so long as we do not aggress upon others. As such, we stand up for humanity’s basic rights in any peaceful, nonaggressive, positive way we can. We seek to organize and promote effective activism in five key areas: Justice, Defense, Representation, Prosperity, and Truth.