State house political activism in Concord (1/7/15)


Today I engaged in political activism at the New Hampshire State House, promoting legislation to reduce the size and scope of government.

I joined with the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance to distribute the Gold Standard, the NHLA’s weekly legislative recommendation, to NH state representatives. NHLA members Paul Best and Tim O’Flaherty, as well as volunteer Will Anderson, were present.


I mainly focused on the Democratic caucus, traditionally a more hostile side to the NHLA’s message. Most state representatives graciously accepted the Gold Standard handout. About one third refused, either without further comment or on grounds that they had already read it online.

A handful were hostile, the most common negative comment being “You’re on the wrong side (i.e. should be promoting exclusively to Republicans).” An unidentified state rep muttered “Not an anarchist” under his breath. Martin Jack, Democratic state representative from Nashua, said “I don’t accept advice on how to vote.” Hardly a heartening quote from someone claiming to be a representative of the people’s will.

Afterwards, the NHLA staff held an outreach luncheon in the State House cafeteria. The event was packed beyond capacity in what can be called an unanticipated success.

The Gold Standard outreach will be a ongoing event.