NHLA Gold Standard activism (2/11/15)


Today I once again helped the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance distribute the Gold Standard, their list of legislative recommendations to decrease government overreach, to the New Hampshire state House and Senate. NHLA Research Director Tim O’Flaherty and volunteer Will Anderson were present and active in making sure as many legislators as possible received the Gold Standard.


We managed to adequately cover both the House and Senate side. The American Friends Service Committee was also present, handing out literature in opposition to HB269 (allowing landlords to charge a security deposit as well as first and last month’s rent), a bill the NHLA supports. O’Flaherty engaged in conversation with one of their representatives, and offered to work together on issues where both organizations agree.

Most legislators were receptive to receiving the Gold Standard, though as usual Representative Timothy Smith from Manchester refused it (and the AFSC representative as well) by delivering his classic “not an anarchist” line.

For more information on the NHLA’s Gold Standard, click here.