Jury rights outreach – Concord (6/1/15)


Today I once again assisted in jury nullification outreach in Concord, handing prospective jurors information on their rights to nullify laws they deem immoral. Assisting me was Kyle Mohney, who drove over an hour from Hampton to lend a hand.

Most jurors were receptive to the pamphlets. About half had already received one on previous outreach events.

A minor incident occurred with security. A guard came and demanded to know what we were doing there, what we were passing out, and threatened to remove us from the premises and have us arrested. We gave her and her cohort a flyer, which they returned inside to study. She returned to inform us we were free to continue, and was pleasant, a complete change from before. We were very polite and respectful the whole time, but firm as to our right to be there. The incident ended amicably.