Jury rights outreach – Dover (7/7/15)


Today I once again joined a group of activists for jury nullification outreach in Dover.

I was joined by James Davis, Nicholas Boyle, and Seamus Casey (not pictured). We handed out pamphlets informing jurors of their right to nullify bad laws by voting not guilty.

Most jurors had already received a pamphlet during prior selection outreach operations. Still, we succeeded in reaching 21 new jurors. More than one expressed approval of our activities, and asked for more information about us and our cause.

As a gesture of politeness, James held the door open to the side-entrance to the courthouse to allow jurors to enter more easily (the door was self-locking, and every time the flow of jurors was interrupted the guard would have to go open the door again). During his smoking break, one of the guards casually mentioned that the door is supposed to remain closed between entries. James calmly stated that he was just trying to be polite to incoming jurors, at which point the guard became confrontational, ordering James to leave the door closed “because I’m telling you to.” Towards the end of the selection, another guard came out and insisted we stand 1-3 feed further away from the door. One is left to assume all this was for a perfectly good security reason.