Jury Outreach – Dover (9/22/15)

wpid-wp-1438707683469.jpgActivists returned to the Strafford County Courthouse on Tuesday, September 22nd, continuing a streak of several months without missing a jury outreach date. This trip was a little bit unusual.

BJ Mumford and I arrived to begin outreach at 8 AM – 30 minutes before jury selection was to begin – but no potential jurors arrived. At around 8:20 AM, some jurors started to trickle in, and we were informed by one of them that they had “already been selected,” and were going to be hearing a case. It seemed as though it might be a higher profile case, as there was a truck from WMUR parked outside of the courthouse for the duration of our visit.

As we were leaving, a new deputy was sent out to attempt to identify BJ and me. We politely declined to show ID, and then he asked that we please write our names down on a piece of paper. When we asked why, we were informed that the “sheriff just wants to know who is out here.” We smiled and said that we’d prefer not to share that information. He laughed, shook our hands, and said, “Sounds good to me! I can go back in there and tell them that I tried.”

We left, and will be back again next week.