Jury rights outreach – Brentwood (10/5/15)

Today I was again joined by BJ Mumford and Nicholas Boyle as we handed out jury rights information in Brentwood, NH.

IMG_4199Jury nullification is where a jury chooses not to convict based not on the legality of the case at hand, but on the morality of the law. Activists inform jurors of this right by distributing informative pamphlets.

This was the 4th and final week of selection with this group and every single potential juror had already engaged with activists or had previously received a pamphlet.  All but one of the potential jurors was polite in either accepting a new pamphlet or declining with the reason that they already had one. The single individual who purposefully ignored us had previously questioned who we worked for two weeks ago.  Still, 7 people took another pamphlet.

One lawyer asked to see the information and then mentioned that he had personally argued for nullification in the past with limited success.  He was happy that we were there handing out the pamphlets and wanted to take one.  I told him that we would be there in following weeks and asked him to come back with suggestions after reading through the pamphlet.