Free Uber hearing rally – Portsmouth (11/16/15)


I attended a rally to support the decriminalization of Uber in Portsmouth, NH as well as a city council hearing on that issue.

The city of Portsmouth, at the urging of cab companies, implemented regulations which had the effect of prohibiting Uber drivers from operating. These included separate liability insurance from what Uber already provides, and background checks run through the Portsmouth police.


About 20 of us gathered outside prior to the hearing to hold signs and talk to press. Right before the council convened, most of us filed in to attend the hearing.

An Uber driver read off a written statement by Christopher David, fellow Uber driver and head of the Free Uber campaign, criticizing the city ordinance and the turf war between Uber drivers and taxi companies that it has caused. John Palreiro, owner of the Great Bay taxi company, spoke as well, warning that misdemeanor convictions would slip through background checks, and condemning Uber for “stealing money.”
The council voted to reconvene in December to decide on an amendment to the ordinance affecting Uber. We will be there as well.