Jury rights outreach – Brentwood (2/1/16)

IMG_5517This week was the fourth and final week of jury selection for this group at the Rockingham County Courthouse in Brentwood, NH. BJ Mumford was again there to hand out pamphlets detailing information on jury nullification.

Jury nullification is where a jury chooses not to convict based on their conscience rather than the letter of the law, thereby nullifying a bad law or a bad application of a law. Jury rights activists pass out pamphlets to jurors informing them of their right to nullify.

Since this was week 4 of selection for this group, practically everybody passing by had already received a pamphlet. Still, another 6 people accepted a pamphlet. Almost all who passed by were positive with only a few grumps. Many individuals stated their relief at this being the final week of selection.

In total, another 6 pamphlets were distributed. Hope you can join us next time, check out the calendar on the site for more information!