Jury rights outreach – Dover (2/2/16)

jury outreach

Rights Brigade conducted another jury nullification outreach operation at the Strafford County Courthouse today, reaching 67 jurors in an effort to help them understand their right to nullify bad laws and acquit victimless “criminals.”

It was a relatively straightforward outreach effort today, with all 67 attending jurors accepting our fliers.

At one point, I attempted to hand a flier to a man who identified himself as a judge. He refused the flier at first, figuring that I was doing campaign outreach, but when he saw the fliers I was holding he perked up. He said that he was aware of NHJury.com (the organization that prints the fliers we use), as he has seen a flood of our fliers in his courtroom. He then smiled, and said he appreciated what we were doing.

“Most people don’t care. Caring is good. We’re happy when jurors take their responsibility seriously.”

We’ll be back at the Strafford County Courthouse 2 weeks from today if anyone is interested in taking part.