GOTV door knocking – Hampton (3/5/16)


Myself and Joël Valenzuela participated in an Americans for Prosperity GOTV door knocking campaign in Hampton for a special election for state representative.

Special elections occur when a seat is vacated in between elections. They are typically very low turnout, and are therefore relatively easy to impact. Activists knock on doors of registered voters who have shown to be pro-liberty in the past and encourage them to go out and vote. This allows us to influence an election in the direction of liberty without throwing support behind a specific candidate or party, which may let us down and compromise their principles in time.


We separated into two different teams. Joël teamed up with AFP field director Sarah Scott, and her field associate Bruno Parga came with me and my three kids. We canvassed Hampton getting voters out to vote and distributing literature encouraging the same. Very few people were home, as many homes in Hampton are summer rentals. Still, we managed to reach 279 homes over the course of the afternoon.

We will be hitting the last of the doors tomorrow, so if you’re available Sunday, please come join. And if you like what we’re doing, leave a Bitcoin tip!