Rights Brigade Flexes Activism Muscle


Over the last week, the Rights Brigade pulled off a wide variety of activism operations across the state, in cooperation with three different organizations.

First, Rights Brigade activists participated in a get-out-the-vote push in Hampton, working in conjunction with the New Hampshire branch of Americans for Prosperity. In total, 5-9 (depending on if kids count) activists assisted AFP staff and volunteer a total of 5-7 times (in two of those instances two separate teams went out), for a total of 9-13 activist participation instances. Activists knocked on 573 doors and made 179 calls. AFP-NH as a whole, which included 5 full-time staff and 7 part-time staff (and plenty of other volunteers recruited by staff), knocked on 3,221 doors and made 11,215 calls. Meaning, the Rights Brigade did almost 20% of the overall door knocking effort, projecting AFP’s field director who handled all RB volunteers to second place in the entire nation for the week.


Then, in partnership with NHJury.com, Rights Brigade activists reached two jury selections with jury nullification outreach, one in Brentwood and one in Dover. In total, 5-7 activists participated (again, depending on if children factor in), reaching a total of 87 new jurors.

Finally, the Rights Brigade assisted the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance in distributing the Gold Standard list of legislative recommendations to the New Hampshire State House. The 19-page list of recommendations covered a slew of various important bills before the House that day, including a crucial vote on Medicaid expansion.

In total, over the course of about a week, activists conducted 8-10 operations in 5 different cities. There were 8 adults (13 total) participating, for a total of 15-20 activist participation instances, assisting 3 different New Hampshire-based pro-liberty organizations, fighting for the right to Justice and Representation.


The Rights Brigade’s activist army is growing. From a brave little band of unfunded activists to a much larger and more efficient force, we’re becoming a force to be reckoned with in the state, even being nominated for a Liberty in Action award this year. Many plans are in place to keep growing.

Growth to this level with practically no funding has been a hard, slow journey. We can do so much more, from spending more time to purchasing materials to incentivizing activists, with funding. If you believe in our mission and hope to see us grow and continue to fight for your rights, send us some Bitcoin.