Jury rights outreach – Ossipee (3/21/16)


Rights Brigade activists once again covered the courthouse in Ossipee for jury nullification outreach. Nicholas Boyle conducted the operation.

Jury nullification is where a jury decides that applying a law in that particular case would yield an unjust result, and refuses to convict. Informing jurors of this right is specifically protected by New Hampshire law, and activists inform jurors by passing out pamphlets in front of courthouses.


The court canceled this particular selection, however they didn’t call or email anyone, and when called the night before the courthouse still reported the selection as proceeding as planned. Understandably, there was a few people who came and were sitting in the parking lot. One came and took the flyer and then came out saying that it had been canceled. Also, the bailiff said Nick couldn’t harass the people coming in, and he told him he was just offering them a flyer and was on public property, and that people who took it did so voluntarily. The person who took the first flyer then gave it back.