Jury rights outreach – Brentwood (3/28/16)

Jury rights activists Kyle, BJ and Emmy engaged potential jurors with jury nullification flyers this morning at the Rockingham County Courthouse.

IMG_5955Jury nullification is where a jury chooses not to convict based on their conscience rather than the letter of the law, thereby nullifying a bad law or a bad application of a law. Jury rights activists pass out pamphlets to jurors informing them of their right to nullify.

Both BJ and Emmy had already engaged the vast majority of potential jurors last week during the first round of selection. Still, another 27 jurors accepted a pamphlet. One prospective juror stopped to thank Emmy for the pamphlet and pocket Constitution she had given her last week, saying that she had learned a lot from that information. She went on to ask for more pamphlets and pocket Constitutions for her friends. Saying that this interaction put a smile on Emmy’s face would be a gross understatement! There are still 3 more sessions for this group so feel free to join at 9:30AM on either Monday 4/4, 4/11 or 4/18!