Jury rights outreach – Brentwood (6/6/16)

Today was the first day of selection for the June group of jurors at the Rockingham County Court in Brentwood, NH.  BJ Mumford, Emmy Andersen, and I were there to greet all of these new faces and to hand out jury nullification information.
IMG_6402Jury nullification is where a jury decides not to convict a defendant because applying the law in that case would yield an unjust result. Activists inform jurors of their right to nullify bad laws by distributing informative pamphlets.

The weather was gorgeous and for the most part the new potential jurors were accordingly bright and cheerful.  When I arrived, Emmy was already engaged in a discussion with a man about freedom and jury rights.  Once BJ got there the crowd started streaming in and we ended up handing out 102 pamphlets to potential jurors.  One man came back out of the courthouse and asked for a handful of the flyers for him to share with others.  He said that he was a law teacher at Exeter High School, he supported the idea of jury nullification, and that he was going to use the flyers in his class!  Emmy also handed out another 5 pocket Constitutions to jurors and other random passersby.

The June selection group will be reporting again next Monday at 10AM so come join us at 9:30 in front of the courthouse if you are interested.  Hope to see you there or at future outreach events!