Medicaid expansion accountability doorknocking – Manchester (8/7/16)


I participated in a voter outreach operation to hold Representative Joseph LaChance accountable for his votes to expand government.

In 2016, the New Hampshire State House voted to expand Obamacare through a Medicaid expansion. This will provide taxpayer-funded healthcare free of charge to able-bodied working age adults with no preexisting medical conditions. This program will create a massive increase in the size and scope of government, and representatives who voted for it are therefore accountable for the resulting increase in taxation and regulation.

Rep. Joe LaChance, a supposed liberty legislator running on a platform of less government and more freedom, not only voted to expand Medicaid to able-bodied adults, but was the prime sponsor of the bill. As such, Americans for Prosperity (AFP) organized a grassroots activism operation to let LaChance’s constituents know about his voting record.

I was joined by Caleb Dyer (not pictured) for the operation. Most of the voters we talked to were very much against expanding government-run healthcare, and were very surprised that their representative voted in such an anti-liberty way.

I reached 132 voters over the course of the day. In total, 870 voters in LaChance’s district were contacted by 10 operatives in the field, a mix of paid AFP staff and volunteers like myself.

This was part of a larger Day of Action push by AFP to hold representatives accountable for the Medicaid vote. In total, 1,672 total voters were reached on this issue today by 12 operatives.