Jury Rights Outreach – Brentwood (11/28/16)


Today I participated in a jury nullification outreach operation in Brentwood.

Jury nullification is where a jury decides not to convict a defendant based not on the letter of the law, but on whether or not its application would yield an unjust result. Jury rights activists inform jurors of this right by distributing pamphlets outside of courthouses.

The operation was conducted by “old faithful” Emmy Andersen and Kyle Mohney, who were joined by myself and activist newcomer Forrest Osterman. It was the first selection of the jury pool, so we were dealing with all fresh jurors. Almost all of them took the flyer.

One of the jurors seemed confused as to what we were doing, but caught on that we were doing something related to freedom, and said “Make America great again, huh?” Yes sir, though maybe not in the ways you envisioned!

An attorney on his way into the courthouse reacted positively to jury nullification. He said he was a former state representative and had voted for the bill requiring that jurors be informed of their ability to nullify.

Two police officers were offered pocket Constitutions by Emmy. They politely declined, though one mentioned that he had one in his car.

All in all 94 new jurors were reached, and two pocket constitutions were handed out.

Love freedom? Want to make a difference? Want in on this? Contact us to get involved!