Jury Rights Outreach – Dover (1/3/17)

I performed a jury nullification outreach operation in Dover.

Jury nullification is where a jury decides not to convict a defendant if a conviction would be unjust, no matter the letter of the law in the situation. This is usually emphasized in the case of victimless crimes, where the defendant has not actually harmed anyone or their property. Jury rights activists inform juries of this right by distributing informative pamphlets outside of courthouses before jury selections.

As the courthouse is right next to a bus stop, there were a few people waiting for the bus. Two of them noticed what I was doing and asked about it. I explained that I was informing jurors of their rights and gave them a pamphlet. One of them mentioned to me how the court messes with defendants into getting false convictions, and recounted how he once had a judge ask him why he pleaded guilty, when he was probably not guilty. Really makes you wonder how many innocent people are behind bars because of how little they understand the court system, and how many overzealous prosecutors take advantage of this fact.

This was the first selection of the pool, so there were enough potential jurors that I ran out of flyers right at the end. In total, 118 jurors were reached, as well as two bystanders.

This operation was conducted as part of the January jury nullification campaign. You can track the campaign’s progress, and donate to support its completion, here.