Jury Rights Outreach – Laconia (1/9/17)

Rights Brigade activists conducted jury nullification outreach in Laconia today.

Jury nullification is where a jury decides not to convict an otherwise guilty defendant on the basis of a conviction yielding an unjust result, usually because the law itself criminalizes victimless behavior. Jury rights activists distribute pamphlets outside of courthouses to inform jurors of this right, of which most are not aware.

Glenn Bailey conducted the operation. Michael Sylvia counted the flyers and said there were 100. Three were left after the operation, which will be returned to Sylvia at a later time. Someone who appeared to be a lawyer commented: “You guys are everywhere! I was just up in Coos County and there were three of you up there.”

In total, 97 jury rights pamphlets were given out.

This operation was conducted as part of the January jury nullification campaign. You can track the campaign’s progress, and donate to support its completion, here.