Rights Brigade Jury Activism Push Covered Three Times on the Freedom Feens

The Rights Brigade was mentioned on several recent episodes of the Freedom Feens, a libertarian podcast and radio show.

Our January 2017 jury nullification campaign is mentioned late into the Merry Wormness Christmas episode, as a bit of positive news to round out the episode’s offering of a healthy dose of year-end mirthful cynicism. The mention occurs late in the show beginning at the 1:16 mark.

We were mentioned again in the January 5th episode of the Feens, this time more in-depth, covering our mission more broadly, as well as mentioning the jury nullification campaign.

Finally, our interview in CoinTelegraph, as well as an update on our recent progress, was covered on yet another episode of the Feens.

Find out more about our jury nullification campaign here. Go here to support the Rights Brigade.