Jury Rights Outreach – Ossipee (1/30/17)

Note: picture is from last Ossipee operation, which had the same crew

Today I led January’s final jury nullification outreach operation in Ossipee.

Jury nullification is where a jury decides not to convict a defendant based not on the legality of the situation, but on whether or not applied the law would be unjust. A single juror can hang the juror and let a defendant off. This is usually advocated to nullify victimless crimes, such as marijuana use. Jury rights activists conduct outreach outside of courthouses by handing out pamphlets to inform jurors of this crucial right.

I was accompanied by Séamas Ó Scalaidhe and Brian McQuade. The jury selection was rescheduled with poor notice once again, this time for noon the same day. Five jurors were reached on their way in to find out that their time was wasted. Brian and I left, however Séamas returned and distributed an additional 38 flyers.

In total, 43 new jurors were reached. This was the last jury nullification operation in January of 2017.

This operation was conducted as part of the January jury nullification campaign. You can track the campaign’s progress, and donate to support its completion, here.