Right-to-Work Phone Bank – Manchester (2/1/17)

I helped out at a right-to-work phone bank in Manchester today.

Right-to-work protects a worker’s freedom to decide whether or not to join a labor union or pay union dues. According to federal labor law, businesses may be coerced into being a union shop, and employees may be forced to join the union and pay dues or pay an agency fee. Passing right-to-work overrides this requirement and allows employers the choice on whether to hire union or non-union, and gives employees the choice of whether or not to join or pay a union.

Americans for Prosperity New Hampshire organizes phone banks to call the constituents of key legislators, encouraging them to call their representatives and tell them to vote for SB 11, a right-to-work bill going through the state legislature. SB 11 passed the Senate and will be up for a House committee hearing on February 8th, and a vote on the 16th.

I made 81 calls to constituents of key legislators on the upcoming right-to-work vote, totaling 240 calls for the campaign.