Jury Rights Outreach – Concord (2/6/17)

I once again conducted jury nullification outreach in Concord.

Jury nullification is where a jury decides not to convict an otherwise guilty defendant, not on the basis of whether or not the law applies, but on whether applying the law (in the particular case or in general) would yield an unjust result. Jury nullification advocates educate jurors about this right by distributing informative pamphlets in front of courthouses.

Atypically for the last selection of the jury pool, there was quite the group of jurors around, and most hadn’t received a pamphlet. This allowed me to reach many of the jurors who were at the first selection of that pool, who previously had been missed.

One juror instantly recognized jury nullification, and inquired about InfoWars. Apparently the famed conservatarian conspiracy personality Alex Jones has been educating his audience on jury nullification as well interdimensional aliens. Good to know.

I reached an even 70 new jurors.