Jury Rights Outreach – Nashua (2/6/17)

Today was the first jury selection for the month of February at the Hillsborough County Southern District Superior Court in Nashua, NH. As usual, jurors were forced to wait outside in the cold until 10 minutes before the scheduled selection time of 8:15am. Those most dutiful in their punctuality arrived at 7:45 or earlier, and were waiting for the doors to be unlocked for 20 minutes or more. The line of 100+ jurors stretched all the way down one side of the building at one point, with jurors standing and shivering in the 20-degree weather.

Our volunteer activist BJ Mumford arrived at 7:40am and began handing out our fliers containing “Important Information for Jurors” – information on the right of the jury to nullify bad laws by declaring the defendant “Not Guilty” in cases of victimless crimes.

Most jurors welcomed the invitation to take a flier, many expressing relief that they were in the right place, as the courthouse is not clearly marked for potential jurors to find their way in. Overall 110 jurors were reached, and two self-identified public defendants also took a flier, expressing interest in the subject of nullification.

Our next selection date in Nashua will occur at 9:15am on Tuesday, February 21st!