Jury Rights Outreach – Dover (2/7/17)

On this wintry day I conducted jury nullification outreach in Dover.

Jury nullification is where a jury decides they won’t convict a defendant who would otherwise be guilty, on the basis of the law itself being immoral. This is commonly advocated as a way to nullify victimless crimes such as marijuana. Jury right activists hand out informative pamphlets outside of courthouses to educate jurors of this right.

This was a cold day in the middle of a snowstorm, and many jurors were upset that the selection had not been called off. Even though it was the first selection of the pool, for some reason jurors were forced to use the side door, which caused the line to get through security to snake well into the parking lot. The jurors were not happy about being stuck in the storm.

I ran into a friend who encouraged his fellow jurors to pay heed to the information I was passing out.

In total, 120 jurors were reached.