Right-to-Work Committee Hearing – Concord (2/8/17)

Today I attended a hearing at the New Hampshire State House in support of right-to-work legislation.

Right-to-work laws prohibit workers from being forced to join a union or pay union dues (or agency fees) as a condition of employment. Without them, a union can force employees to join their ranks or pay an agency fee anyway, and an employer attempting to hire or keep a non-union employee who does not pay will be subject to fines and eventually shut down. Right-to-work prevents this coercion by allowing workers the free choice on whether or not to join a union.

I attended the hearing in support of SB 11, the right-to-work law, before the Commerce committee. The committee was absolutely packed with union members, most of whom were from Massachusetts, judging by the blue signup sheets. I signed in favor, wore a right-to-work shirt, and attended in solidarity. Good, intelligent, and classy testimony was delivered in favor of worker freedom, though such testimonies were in the minority.

Despite our best efforts, SB 11 was predictably voted Inexpedient to Legislate (ITL), and will go to a House vote without the committee’s recommendation.