Jury Rights Outreach – Dover (2/21/17)

I once again headed up jury nullification outreach in Dover.

Jury nullification is where a jury decides not to convict a defendant who otherwise would be guilty based on the facts of the case, but where a conviction would lead to a morally unjust result. Jury rights activists inform jurors of this right by distributing informative pamphlets in front of courthouses.

I was met with a pool of jurors very satisfied with the weather, since last time they were severely snowed upon in the parking lot. One woman, however, inquired if I was with the court, predicting my response to be negative. She was not friendly and had a University of New Hampshire jacket, indicating she probably worked in public education. No wonder the hostility towards the practice of freedom!

A friend was in the jury pool, and told me that he had seen many jurors reading through the pamphlets and internalizing the information. Great news, I guess we aren’t wasting our time!

Despite reaching well over a hundred jurors last time, I still managed to get to 60 new ones this time.