Community Self-Defense Class – Portsmouth (2/25/17)

I led a free self-defense class in Portsmouth.

An armed and trained society is safe, self-reliant, and free. To further this aim, I teach free self-defense classes to the community to help them to protect themselves and their neighbors from physical harm.

This was the first of such classes I had taught in the area.

Despite minimal marketing consisting mainly of word-of-mouth, the class had a large turnout. Main techniques taught were a defensive posture which was practiced against a flurry of random attacks; elbow and knee strikes from the clinch; and various escapes from wrist holds and chokes. All in all, the class focused on practical self-defense in a chaotic environment to simulate an attack situation.

I was assisted by Sarah Scott and veteran students included BJ Mumford and Emmy Andersen, both of whom had previous experience and thus were able to help the class to move more smoothly. All in all, the class was very well-received, a resounding success. In total, 9 students participated, 5 men and 4 women.