Jury Rights Outreach – Brentwood (3/6/17)

Monday 3/6/17 was the second week of jury selection at Rockingham County Court in Brentwood, NH. Rights Brigade activists Ellie Andersen and me were right on time this week to inform potential juror’s of their right to nullify a bad law by voting not to convict a defendant! Nobly used to prevent innocents from being prosecuted for victimless crimes. We informed 78 jurors via the NHJury.com pamphlets having only a few refuse the information.
We handed out 3 pocket constitution! Two going to potential jurors who were very interested in the Pamphlet we gave them, and the other to a lady at the courthouse for something unrelated. As she walked out she asked what makes us come stand out in the freezing cold to hand out information and constitutions. The answer is simple- that a informed public makes a better community for everyone. Sharing this knowledge of your rights as a citizen might prevent the suffering of someone not deserving of it. Ellie and I would never have known our rights if it hadn’t been for activist like ourselves reaching out with knowledge and the intent to better society. She told us how grateful she was that we do this and thanked us for our efforts. Earlier that morning a potential juror after giving him the informational pamphlet told us he loved us and what we do as he walked in.

Liberty activism work is extremely rewarding. The next selection group will be reporting again next Monday 3/13/17 at 10AM. Join the fight to get lost knowledge prevalent in society again so we can all make informed decisions while contributing to society! We meet 9:30am! Hope to see you there or at any future outreach events!