Jury Rights Outeach – Dover (3/21/17)

Note: Yes, thats me. I took another photo, this one by accident, but deleted the wrong one. Oops.

Today I once again conducted jury nullification outreach in Dover, as is my habit.

Jury nullification is where a jury decides not to convict a defendant, not based on whether or not the law could apply, but on whether applying the law in that particular case would yield an unjust result. Jury rights activists inform jurors of this right by distributing pamphlets outside of courthouses on jury selection dates.

As a result of the larger turnout the week prior, most of the jurors had already received a pamphlet. One juror refused the pamphlet but stated that he already agreed with its contents. Another prospective juror, an older (not so) gentleman wearing a University of New Hampshire jacket, entered deep into my personal space and attempted to stare me down, demanding why I wanted to know if he was a juror. He later stormed off to join the queue, although he returned several minutes later, grumbling that he wasn’t selected. That was probably for the best.

In total, an additional 40 jurors were reached.