Jury Rights Outreach – Brentwood (3/27/17)

As per usual, today I led jury nullification outreach in Brentwood.

Jury nullification is where a jury decides not to convict in order to prevent a defendant from suffering because of a victimless crime. Victimless crimes are actions which could result in a criminal conviction, yet harm no one. Applying that law, either in that particular case or for that law generally, would yield an unjust result, and jurors therefore have a right (and moral obligation) to acquit the defendant. Jury rights activists such as myself inform jurors of this right by distributing pamphlets outside of courthouses.

I was joined by Joël Valenzuela for this operation. Because we had reached so many on the previous selection, only 7 extra jurors were reached. We did, however, hand out 17 pocket constitutions in addition.