RB hand - defense

We believe every individual has the right to defense. To keep one’s self, family, neighbors, community, and randomly encountered individuals safe, with force if necessary, deadly when absolutely necessary, is a basic human right. While public and private defense and security entities exist, and can help in the protection of the average citizen, we believe that individuals first and foremost are responsible for their own defense, and that their right to protect themselves and each other should never be infringed upon.

Defense is one of the most important areas of activism because without safety, without survival, none of the other rights even matter. This is also the area of activism that requires the most caution and preparation, as it deals with safeguarding individuals and their rights from violence.

Rights Brigade activities in support of the right to defense include education and outreach, open-carry activism, public firearms safety and use training, liaison with law enforcement, and protective presence at activism efforts where needed.

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