January 2017 Jury Nullification Outreach Campaign


**This post will be regularly updated during the campaign**
(Last updated 2/2/17)

Previously, we informed thousands of jurors of their right to nullify bad laws, reaching 10 of the 11 courthouses around New Hampshire. While we’re very proud of our work, we were only able to consistently cover a handful of courthouses. This January, that changes.

Starting in 2017, we’re announcing our goal to educate every single potential juror in New Hampshire about jury nullification. This will require consistency, tenacity, and solid organization, as well as at least a handful of dedicated activists, since the first day of jury selections will happen simultaneously at seven courthouses across the state. However, we believe we can do it. We also believe that if we can keep up these results month after month, we’ve successfully proven that an efficient activist army can do a whole lot of good with a whole little funding. We’ll then be able to replicate these results in other areas, running circles around well-funded and established advocacy organizations.
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