Community Self-Defense Class – Portsmouth (2/25/17)

I led a free self-defense class in Portsmouth.

An armed and trained society is safe, self-reliant, and free. To further this aim, I teach free self-defense classes to the community to help them to protect themselves and their neighbors from physical harm.

This was the first of such classes I had taught in the area.

Despite minimal marketing consisting mainly of word-of-mouth, the class had a large turnout. Main techniques taught were a defensive posture which was practiced against a flurry of random attacks; elbow and knee strikes from the clinch; and various escapes from wrist holds and chokes. All in all, the class focused on practical self-defense in a chaotic environment to simulate an attack situation.

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Concealed Carry permit requirement repeal testimony – Concord, NH (1/29/15)

I attended a hearing at the New Hampshire State House on SB116, a bill to remove permit requirements for citizens to carry a firearm concealed. I attended to show support for the bill, sign in support, and testify.

In my testimony (video embeded), I highlighted the reasons why requiring New Hampshire citizens to obtain a permit to carry concealed amounted to infringing on their right to carry at all, open or concealed, to defend themselves. Under New Hampshire law it is considered to be carrying concealed if a person open carries while driving in a vehicle, and I drew on my expertise as a martial art instructor to point out that the moment of greatest vulnerability for a citizen open carrying arises precisely when one is entering or exiting a vehicle, as one would have to disarm and then rearm at that point in order to stay in accordance with the law. I attacked the suitability requirement for concealed carry permits, using the example of Derrick J. Freeman’s inability to secure a concealed carry permit due to his public activism, thereby rendering him practically defenseless.

Numerous state legislators, community members, and activists attended the hearing spanning several hours to show their support for the measure and testify, including Derrick J., who I mentioned in my testimony. Very few testified in opposition to the bill, and the majority of those were paid lobbyists either representing law enforcement or Granite State Progress.

In particular, I would like to thank Biker Bill of Adventures in the Free State for capturing the entire 4.5-hour hearing on film. The short video of my testimony was taken from the much larger video he took. The video of the entire hearing is embeded here.