Jury rights outreach – Laconia (11/16/15)


Rights Brigade activists one again conducted a jury rights outreach operation in Laconia.

Jury nullification is where a jury chooses not to convict based on the morality of the situation rather than its legality. Jury nullification activists distribute literature to potential jurors informing them of their rights.

The operation was carried out without incident. 50 jurors were reached.

Jury rights outreach – Ossipee (10/26/15)


Rights Brigade activists conducted a jury rights outreach operation in Ossipee today.

Jury nullification is where a jury decides not to convict a defendant based on their conscience, regardless of the letter of the law. Jury rights activists inform them of this right by distributing informative pamphlets outside of courthouses during juror selections.

State Representative Michael Sylvia took charge of the outreach himself, and reached 70 new jurors.

Jury rights outreach – Laconia (9/21/15)


Rights Brigade activists carried out a successful jury outreach operation in Laconia, the first ever conducted exclusively by members of the Lakes Region Porcupines.

During these jury outreach operations, activists use pamphlets to inform jurors of their right to nullification, whereby they can acquit a defendant based on their conscience, not the letter of the law.

Present at the outreach operation were State Representative Michael Sylvia, Tony Jankowski, and Chris Dunn (and child).

Most had already received the juror’s information trifold, but activists still handed out 30 to those that were missed last time.

Jury rights outreach – Laconia (9/8/15)


I once again led a jury rights education operation in Laconia today.

Jury nullification is where a jury chooses to acquit based on conscience rather than legality, thereby nullifying a bad law. Jury activists seek to inform jurors of this right by distributing educational pamphlets.

I was joined by State Representative Michael Sylvia. Together we reached 73 jurors.

Jury rights outreach – Ossipee (8/31/15)


For the first time today I conducted a successful jury nullification outreach operation in Ossipee.

Jury nullification is where a jury chooses not to convict a defendant, regardless of the letter of the law, thereby nullifying the law in question. Activists hand out pamphlets outlining jury rights to prospective jurors.

A few minutes into the outreach, a bailiff came out to see what I was doing, and if it was political in nature. I offered him a smile and a pamphlet, which he looked at briefly before ordering me off of court property. I politely explained to him that I was perfectly within my rights to distribute the information, noting that the Strafford County Sheriff had actively encouraged our activism in Dover. The bailiff asked that I stand further away from the courthouse door (out of the way of foot traffic from jurors). I agreed to do so, and maintained that I didn’t want to step on anyone’s toes. He thanked me for that, and I introduced myself to him. His name is Ed. [Read more…]

Jury rights outreach – Laconia (8/3/15)


Today I visited Laconia to conduct a juror education outreach operation, bearing flyers informing jurors of their right to nullify bad laws. State Representative Michael Syliva joined me for the operation.

Shortly after arriving, a guard came out to inform us that the jury selection had been canceled last-minute. He was very cordial and requested a pamphlet for himself.

Jury rights outreach – Laconia (7/6/15)


Today I joined fellow activists in Laconia in conducting an outreach operation targeted at jurors.

We distributed pamphlets on jury nullification, a juror’s right to nullify bad laws, to prospective jurors outside the Belknap County Courthouse.

I was joined by Bryan Medeiros, Kayla McCarthy, and State Representative Michael Sylvia. Rep. Sylvia engaged in conversation with jurors personally about jury rights, while the rest of us simply passed out the pamphlets.

We handed out pamphlets to 44 prospective jurors. They were very receptive, and all but one took the pamphlet. A guard stared at us with arms folded the whole time, but remained within the courthouse and didn’t come cause trouble.

It should be noted that one of the activists was present because of court-ordered community service. What poetic justice for an abusive system to order service in reigning in its own abuse.

Jury rights outreach – Laconia (6/8/15)


Today I once again distributed jury nullification rights information to jurors in Laconia, informing them of their rights to nullify bad laws.

The distribution went off without incident. I successfully distributed flyers to 42 jurors, with one refusal.

I also struck up a conversation with the gardener, who was there last time and was curious as to what I was doing. She requested a flyer, even though she said her juror days were behind her, and recounted a story of a friend being summoned for jury duty two years after his death.

Jury rights outreach – Laconia (5/26/15)


Today, for the first time, I passed out jury nullification rights information literature to prospective jurors outside the Belknap County courthouse in Laconia, informing jurors of their right to nullify bad laws.

As this was the second jury selection date for that pool, turnout was light.

Towards the end, an older woman came up the steps of the courthouse. I asked her if she was there for jury duty. She said “No, but I have one of your brochures on jury nullification. Keep up the good work.”