Rights Brigade Jury Activism Push Covered Three Times on the Freedom Feens

The Rights Brigade was mentioned on several recent episodes of the Freedom Feens, a libertarian podcast and radio show.

Our January 2017 jury nullification campaign is mentioned late into the Merry Wormness Christmas episode, as a bit of positive news to round out the episode’s offering of a healthy dose of year-end mirthful cynicism. The mention occurs late in the show beginning at the 1:16 mark.

We were mentioned again in the January 5th episode of the Feens, this time more in-depth, covering our mission more broadly, as well as mentioning the jury nullification campaign.

Finally, our interview in CoinTelegraph, as well as an update on our recent progress, was covered on yet another episode of the Feens.

Find out more about our jury nullification campaign here. Go here to support the Rights Brigade.

Rights Brigade Founder Interviewed by CoinTelegraph

The Rights Brigade’s founder Joël Valenzuela was interviewed by CoinTelegraph about our January jury nullification campaign.

In the interview for the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency publication, Valenzuela outlines the vision for using a Bitcoin crowdfund to incentivize a statewide activism operation, as well as plans for more campaigns like this in the future.

Find out more about our jury nullification campaign here. Go here to support the Rights Brigade.

Free Talk Live Appearance

The Rights Brigades jury nullification campaign was covered extensively on Free Talk Live.

On the Saturday edition of the show, Rights Brigade founder Joël Valenzuela jumped on the show to talk about jury nullification generally, and about this January jury nullification push in particular. That segment of the show begins about an hour into the show and lasts about 30 minutes.

Find out more about our jury nullification campaign here. Go here to support the Rights Brigade.

Rights Brigade Mentioned By Russian Publication


The Rights Brigade was recently mentioned by Russian publication Furfur, a news site that covers alternative culture issues including cryptocurrency, LGBT, and the liberty movement.


The article details the Free State Project and its progress in triggering the move to New Hampshire this year. The last two paragraphs of the article deal with the Rights Brigade, mentioning our mission as well as recent accomplishments, notably jury nullification and our success in educating 3,000 jurors last year of their right to nullify bad laws.

We would go on more about this media mention, but none of us speak Russian at the moment. Although, it’s a good problem to have to make enough of an impact to reach beyond language, culture, and continent. Hopefully this trend continues.

Thanks for the publicity, and to all our Russian fans, glad you’re paying attention!

Another Free State Project mention for the Rights Brigade


A recent Rights Brigade outreach operation in Hampton caught the attention of the Free State Project once more.

Read the entire article here.

Free Keene mentions Rights Brigade jury activism


The recent spate of Justice activism focused on juror outreach caught the interest of local western New Hampshire activism publication Free Keene.

The article touts the Rights Brigade’s successes, quote: “Where else in the world are people mobilizing on this scale, with this efficiency for the cause of liberty? Where else can defendants in an entire state reasonably suspect that the jurors sitting on their case will have been made aware of the idea that they can judge not just the facts in the case, but whether or not a certain law is just in the first place?”

Read the article here.

Food writer Randy Clemens highlights Rights Brigade


Siracha lover and food writer Randy Clemens, a mover to New Hampshire for the Free State Project, gave a shout-out to the Rights Brigade on his site RandyClemens.com.

Randy came out to Dover from Manchester to participate in jury rights outreach with members of the Freecoast contingent, to both assist in handing out literature and to take pictures and blog.

Read Randy’s post about his involvement here.

Rights Brigade mentioned by Freecoast.org


Freecoast.org, a website dedicated to the liberty activist community in the coastal region of New Hampshire, gave a shout-out to the Rights Brigade. This was following a jury rights outreach event involving several members of the Freecoast community.

The full post can be read here.

Rights Brigade mentioned by the Free State Project!


After a recent streak of successful activism efforts, the Free State Project noticed the Rights Brigade’s efforts and published a highlight piece.

The highlight was published in the Mover Stories section of the Free State Project’s blogs, since the founder of the Rights Brigade moved to New Hampshire as part of the Project.

You can read the highlight piece here.