Rights Brigade Jury Activism Push Covered Three Times on the Freedom Feens

The Rights Brigade was mentioned on several recent episodes of the Freedom Feens, a libertarian podcast and radio show.

Our January 2017 jury nullification campaign is mentioned late into the Merry Wormness Christmas episode, as a bit of positive news to round out the episode’s offering of a healthy dose of year-end mirthful cynicism. The mention occurs late in the show beginning at the 1:16 mark.

We were mentioned again in the January 5th episode of the Feens, this time more in-depth, covering our mission more broadly, as well as mentioning the jury nullification campaign.

Finally, our interview in CoinTelegraph, as well as an update on our recent progress, was covered on yet another episode of the Feens.

Find out more about our jury nullification campaign here. Go here to support the Rights Brigade.

Rights Brigade Founder Interviewed by CoinTelegraph

The Rights Brigade’s founder Joël Valenzuela was interviewed by CoinTelegraph about our January jury nullification campaign.

In the interview for the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency publication, Valenzuela outlines the vision for using a Bitcoin crowdfund to incentivize a statewide activism operation, as well as plans for more campaigns like this in the future.

Find out more about our jury nullification campaign here. Go here to support the Rights Brigade.

Free Talk Live Appearance

The Rights Brigades jury nullification campaign was covered extensively on Free Talk Live.

On the Saturday edition of the show, Rights Brigade founder Joël Valenzuela jumped on the show to talk about jury nullification generally, and about this January jury nullification push in particular. That segment of the show begins about an hour into the show and lasts about 30 minutes.

Find out more about our jury nullification campaign here. Go here to support the Rights Brigade.

Activism New Year’s Resolutions

Today the Rights Brigade turns two years old! We’ve had one heck of a run so far, conducting 128 activism operations (97 of which were jury nullification outreach) on an effective budget of zero. Now that we’ve done a great test run of how (and for what) to organize activism, we’re ready to get serious in 2017.

The new year is a typical interval for getting motivated about changing one’s life for the better, and in that spirit we’re laying out our ambitious goals for 2017. Unlike the typical promises of personal improvement, however, we fully expect to be held to these goals, and will be conducting a year-end review to see how we did.

By the end of 2017, we will:
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January 2017 Jury Nullification Outreach Campaign


**This post will be regularly updated during the campaign**
(Last updated 2/2/17)

Previously, we informed thousands of jurors of their right to nullify bad laws, reaching 10 of the 11 courthouses around New Hampshire. While we’re very proud of our work, we were only able to consistently cover a handful of courthouses. This January, that changes.

Starting in 2017, we’re announcing our goal to educate every single potential juror in New Hampshire about jury nullification. This will require consistency, tenacity, and solid organization, as well as at least a handful of dedicated activists, since the first day of jury selections will happen simultaneously at seven courthouses across the state. However, we believe we can do it. We also believe that if we can keep up these results month after month, we’ve successfully proven that an efficient activist army can do a whole lot of good with a whole little funding. We’ll then be able to replicate these results in other areas, running circles around well-funded and established advocacy organizations.
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Rights Brigade Mentioned By Russian Publication


The Rights Brigade was recently mentioned by Russian publication Furfur, a news site that covers alternative culture issues including cryptocurrency, LGBT, and the liberty movement.


The article details the Free State Project and its progress in triggering the move to New Hampshire this year. The last two paragraphs of the article deal with the Rights Brigade, mentioning our mission as well as recent accomplishments, notably jury nullification and our success in educating 3,000 jurors last year of their right to nullify bad laws.

We would go on more about this media mention, but none of us speak Russian at the moment. Although, it’s a good problem to have to make enough of an impact to reach beyond language, culture, and continent. Hopefully this trend continues.

Thanks for the publicity, and to all our Russian fans, glad you’re paying attention!

Rights Brigade Flexes Activism Muscle


Over the last week, the Rights Brigade pulled off a wide variety of activism operations across the state, in cooperation with three different organizations.

First, Rights Brigade activists participated in a get-out-the-vote push in Hampton, working in conjunction with the New Hampshire branch of Americans for Prosperity. In total, 5-9 (depending on if kids count) activists assisted AFP staff and volunteer a total of 5-7 times (in two of those instances two separate teams went out), for a total of 9-13 activist participation instances. Activists knocked on 573 doors and made 179 calls. AFP-NH as a whole, which included 5 full-time staff and 7 part-time staff (and plenty of other volunteers recruited by staff), knocked on 3,221 doors and made 11,215 calls. Meaning, the Rights Brigade did almost 20% of the overall door knocking effort, projecting AFP’s field director who handled all RB volunteers to second place in the entire nation for the week. [Read more…]

Rights Brigade Helps AFP-NH in Hampton Special Election


Over the last week, the Rights Brigade joined the New Hampshire chapter of Americans for Prosperity (AFP) in conducting a get-out-the-vote (GOTV) operation for a special election in Hampton for state representative.

One of the candidates for state representative signed AFP’s pledge to, among other things, vote against tax and spending increases, and adhere to the Constitution of both the United States and New Hampshire. Because of this, AFP agreed to conduct a GOTV operation in his district to mobilize pro-liberty voters. AFP is a nonpartisan nonprofit, so voters are only encouraged generally to vote.

Rights Brigade activists participated in AFP-organized phone banks, one in Manchester on Tuesday and one in Dover on Thursday, calling Hampton voters to encourage them to vote. Then, activists went door-to-door on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday to talk with voters in person and leave literature on doors.


In total, Rights Brigade activists conducted 5-7 operations (Saturday and Sunday each had two teams going simultaneously). 5 activists participated (9 if you count accompanying children) for a total of 9-13 activist participation instances. In total, 573 doors were reached and 179 calls were made as part of this collaboration. As a whole, AFP New Hampshire and its volunteers reached 3221 doors and made 11,215 calls. That means that the Rights Brigade’s all-volunteer force of 5 activists made up about 18% of AFP-NH’s door output. Not bad when you consider they had 5 full-time and 7 part-time staff participating, all of whom were also tasked with recruiting volunteers to help.

Most political organizations need to do some major fundraising in order to acquire and pay enough professional talent to pull off an operation of this scale. The Rights Brigade made a strong showing in the New Hampshire political scene this last week despite being a volunteer-only activism organization with basically no budget.

We can always use more activists! Changing the world is a huge task, and the more that get involved, the better. If you’d like to help us out, please contact us and let us know you’re interested!

If you value our work but are unable to help out yourself, please donate some Bitcoin to the address below to help activists recoup some of their donated time and resources for the cause of liberty.

First year review (2015)

RB text

Inspired by the huge potential for change provided by the sheer number of liberty activists brought to New Hampshire by the Free State Project, the Rights Brigade was founded in January of 2015. Its mission was to organize and direct activism efforts advancing human liberty, with a focus on effectiveness and professionalism, and document these efforts.

The challenge presented to building and effectively mobilizing a grassroots army on such a scale was stark: a staff of one and zero funding. Even more challenging, the Rights Brigade eschews both a traditional for-profit system and the usual nonprofit model. Instead, it relies entirely on volunteer activism, with leadership organizing operations and committing to the organization’s activism goals, compensated only by voluntary donations in Bitcoin, and by the satisfaction of knowing the world has been made a better place. [Read more…]

Rights Brigade gains two new members!


Two new activists have joined the ranks of the Rights Brigade!

James Davis and Kyle Mohney, two dedicated activists from New Hampshire’s Freecoast region, have lent their tireless activism to the cause. They rose to prominence by showing consistency and leadership mainly in Justice activism by heading up several jury rights outreach operations.

This brings the total official Rights Brigade member count to three, with dozens of invaluable volunteer activists supporting operations under their direction.