Rights Brigade conducts 7 operations in 2 days


Over the first two days of this week, Rights Brigade activists conducted operations unprecedented in number and scope.

On Monday, August 3rd, five different teams of activists conducted jury nullification outreach operations in five different cities simultaneously: Nashua, Manchester, Concord, Laconia, and Brentwood. Activists handed pamphlets to prospective jurors regarding their right to nullify bad laws.

Tuesday, August 4th, jury rights activists conducted an outreach operation in Dover. Later that day, a team of activists traveled to Hampton to attend a presentation by Granite State Progress at the Hampton Democrats’ monthly meeting regarding the Free State Project. Activists represented themselves as individual Free State Project participants, and showcased the diversity, humanity, and respectful open dialogue that are hallmarks of the community.

Among the activists present during these operations were Patrick Wienckowski, Ashleigh Henton, Randy Clemens, Ellen Blanchard, Don McCollough, Rep. Michael Sylvia, Joël Valenzuela, Kyle Mohney, James Davis, Marcus and Sarah Chamberlain, Denis Goddard, and Nelson Lourenço. All in all, 16 activists reached seven different locations in those two days: Laconia, Concord, Manchester, Nashua, Dover, Brentwood, and Hampton.


Though 16 total activists participated in these seven events, there were a total of 21 activist participation instances. The number disparity is because Ellen Blanchard, Don McCollough, Joël Valenzuela, Kyle Mohney, and Nelson Lourenço each participated in two different events.

This represents a new level of success in liberty activism. From coordinating activists across the state to carry out organized operations at five different locations simultaneously (first thing in the morning no less), to continuing that organizational success the next day to include a friendly outreach operation turning an overtly hostile environment into an amicable discussion forum, this week’s success can’t be emphasized enough. Even better, this was an all-volunteer operation featuring zero prior commitments or direct incentives to even show up. It was exclusively a labor of love from activists seeking to make their world better in meaningful ways. Volunteer activism on this scale and coordination is only possible thanks to the Free State Project and its success in bringing thousands of the most motivated liberty lovers the world over into one convenient spot.

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Another Free State Project mention for the Rights Brigade


A recent Rights Brigade outreach operation in Hampton caught the attention of the Free State Project once more.

Read the entire article here.

Free Keene mentions Rights Brigade jury activism


The recent spate of Justice activism focused on juror outreach caught the interest of local western New Hampshire activism publication Free Keene.

The article touts the Rights Brigade’s successes, quote: “Where else in the world are people mobilizing on this scale, with this efficiency for the cause of liberty? Where else can defendants in an entire state reasonably suspect that the jurors sitting on their case will have been made aware of the idea that they can judge not just the facts in the case, but whether or not a certain law is just in the first place?”

Read the article here.

Activists conduct operations across New Hampshire


Last weekend and early this week, the Rights Brigade conducted a series of activism operations unprecedented in scope, number, and frequency. Over four days (three days broken up by a lazy recovery Sunday), 17 activists conducted outreach operations across New Hampshire, reaching five different cities.


On Saturday, July 4th, six activists aided the Foundation for New Hampshire Independence in performing independence outreach during an Independence Day parade in Amherst, frequented by plenty of local politicos, and including several presidential candidates. Activists personally handed pro-independence literature to candidates Lindsey Graham and Jeb Bush. [Read more…]

Rights Brigade debuts activism calendar


The Rights Brigade is proud to debut a centralized activism calendar.

This will be a single repository of events, planned activism operations, and outreach opportunities in New Hampshire, with links to event details and resources where appropriate.

The calendar is first of what will be many resources to help activists around the state get involved in making a difference. Resources will eventually include articles on effective activism, reading regarding certain issues including appropriate legal knowledge, useful apps, videos, and eventually activism training sessions.

If you have any questions regard the calendar or suggestions for outreach opportunities, please contact us!

Jury rights activists cover over half of NH courthouses

Photo credit: Randy Clemens (RandyClemens.com)

Photo credit: Randy Clemens (RandyClemens.com)

So far this year, Justice activists in New Hampshire have reached juror selection dates in over half of the county courthouses in the whole state.

Previously, activists who moved to New Hampshire for the Free State Project handed out jury nullification material, informing jurors of their rights to nullify bad laws, in Keene and Manchester. This year, Manchester activists also reached Nashua to the south. Rights Brigade activists assisted in Manchester outreach, and additionally expanded operations to Concord, Laconia, and Dover.

Photo credit: Randy Clemens

Photo credit: Randy Clemens

So far, Justice activists have taken jury nullification outreach to cover courthouses in Belknap, Cheshire, Hillsborough (north and south), Merrimack, and Strafford counties.

To see all our latest jury nullification outreach and other Justice activism, view the Justice report.

To learn more about our mission to fight for Justice, visit our Justice mission statement.

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Food writer Randy Clemens highlights Rights Brigade


Siracha lover and food writer Randy Clemens, a mover to New Hampshire for the Free State Project, gave a shout-out to the Rights Brigade on his site RandyClemens.com.

Randy came out to Dover from Manchester to participate in jury rights outreach with members of the Freecoast contingent, to both assist in handing out literature and to take pictures and blog.

Read Randy’s post about his involvement here.

Rights Brigade mentioned by Freecoast.org


Freecoast.org, a website dedicated to the liberty activist community in the coastal region of New Hampshire, gave a shout-out to the Rights Brigade. This was following a jury rights outreach event involving several members of the Freecoast community.

The full post can be read here.

Rights Brigade mentioned by the Free State Project!


After a recent streak of successful activism efforts, the Free State Project noticed the Rights Brigade’s efforts and published a highlight piece.

The highlight was published in the Mover Stories section of the Free State Project’s blogs, since the founder of the Rights Brigade moved to New Hampshire as part of the Project.

You can read the highlight piece here.

Rights Brigade forms!

The time has come for real change in the world.

From a society living in fear of law enforcement it once looked to for protection, to a sluggish economy with high unemployment, to a governance system unresponsive to the desires of the average citizen, it’s easy to lose hope of a better future. Worse, solutions presented are mainly centered around either increasing the size and scope of the very government that failed to solve these issues in the first place, or simply criticizing current power structures without success.

Enter the Rights Brigade, a citizen activism platform dedicated to giving a voice, mission, and structure to activists seeking an effective way of bettering their world. Our mission is to promote and organize quality, professional activism in defense of our basic rights as human individuals, and to provide publicity for, and documentation of, said activism.

We believe that we, as humans and individuals, have the right to live, and thrive, as we see fit, so long as we do not aggress upon others. As such, we stand up for humanity’s basic rights in any peaceful, nonaggressive, positive way we can. We seek to organize and promote effective activism in five key areas: Justice, Defense, Representation, Prosperity, and Truth.