Jury rights outreach – Dover (3/8/16)


This morning I led a jury nullification outreach operation in Dover.

Jury nullification is where a jury chooses not to convict a defendant based on their own conscience rather than the letter of the law. Jury rights activists hand out flyers outside of courthouses informing jurors of their rights.

I was joined by Jessica Paxton and her two children. Despite it being a later selection, the courthouse was busy, with a considerable line forming out from the side entrance out into the parking lot. The kids helped with the first half of the operation. Jurors were very receptive, and Jessica and the kids were naturals. One had previously received a flyer.


In all, 80 jurors were reached, with two refusals.

Come join us in making a difference! Keep an eye on the activism calendar for future selection dates and let us know if you want to help.

Hampton special election GOTV – Dover (3/3/16)


I participated in an Americans for Prosperity GOTV phone bank in Dover for a special election for state representative in Hampton.

Special elections occur when a seat is vacated in between elections. They are typically very low turnout, and are therefore relatively easy to impact. Activists call registered voters who have shown to be pro-liberty in the past and encourage them to vote.

The phone banking crowd this time around was fairly sparse, mostly due to the office in Dover being relatively new. We made calls for about two hours, since after calling through the entire list twice we ran out of work to do. It’s a good problem to have.

Myself included, three total volunteers were present. Vince Perfetto was present at my urging.

Jury rights outreach – Dover (2/2/16)

jury outreach

Rights Brigade conducted another jury nullification outreach operation at the Strafford County Courthouse today, reaching 67 jurors in an effort to help them understand their right to nullify bad laws and acquit victimless “criminals.”

It was a relatively straightforward outreach effort today, with all 67 attending jurors accepting our fliers.

At one point, I attempted to hand a flier to a man who identified himself as a judge. He refused the flier at first, figuring that I was doing campaign outreach, but when he saw the fliers I was holding he perked up. He said that he was aware of NHJury.com (the organization that prints the fliers we use), as he has seen a flood of our fliers in his courtroom. He then smiled, and said he appreciated what we were doing.

“Most people don’t care. Caring is good. We’re happy when jurors take their responsibility seriously.”

We’ll be back at the Strafford County Courthouse 2 weeks from today if anyone is interested in taking part.

Jury Nullification Outreach & Conversations With Drug War Victims – Dover (1/5/16)


Rights Brigade returned to the Strafford County Courthouse on Tuesday, January 5th to conduct jury nullification outreach. While it was a relatively quiet day as far as jurors were concerned (just ten flyers handed out in total), it was a good opportunity to connect with some of the very people that jury nullification outreach is intended to help.

You see, Strafford County Courthouse also happens to hold mandatory meetings for those who have been convicted of drug related crimes. On this day, 3 individuals stood outside of the courthouse waiting for a ride, and I went over to say hello. We got to talking, and I explained what jury nullification is and our purpose for coming to the courthouse every other Tuesday.

I spoke at length with a young woman who shared how devastating the drug war has been in her life. She and her fiance have both been imprisoned for victimless drug related crimes, and she shared a heartbreaking tale of how frequent trips in and out of jail have made it extremely difficult for them to pick themselves up out of the throes of heroin addiction. [Read more…]

Jury rights outreach – Dover (12/15/15)


Today I led a jury rights outreach operation in Dover. I was joined by fellow Rights Brigade member and all-around super activist James Davis.

Jury nullification is where a jury decides not to convict a defendant, not based on the letter of the law, but based on their conscience. The right to nullify is specifically protected by New Hampshire law. Jury rights activists pass out informational pamphlets in front of courthouses before jury selections informing jurors of this right.

This was not the first selection for this particular jury pool, so very few jurors were present. Still, we passed out pamphlets to those who attended, as well as others present entering the courthouse.

All in all, 8 jurors and bystanders were reached.

Jury Outreach – Dover (9/22/15)

wpid-wp-1438707683469.jpgActivists returned to the Strafford County Courthouse on Tuesday, September 22nd, continuing a streak of several months without missing a jury outreach date. This trip was a little bit unusual.

BJ Mumford and I arrived to begin outreach at 8 AM – 30 minutes before jury selection was to begin – but no potential jurors arrived. At around 8:20 AM, some jurors started to trickle in, and we were informed by one of them that they had “already been selected,” and were going to be hearing a case. It seemed as though it might be a higher profile case, as there was a truck from WMUR parked outside of the courthouse for the duration of our visit.

As we were leaving, a new deputy was sent out to attempt to identify BJ and me. We politely declined to show ID, and then he asked that we please write our names down on a piece of paper. When we asked why, we were informed that the “sheriff just wants to know who is out here.” We smiled and said that we’d prefer not to share that information. He laughed, shook our hands, and said, “Sounds good to me! I can go back in there and tell them that I tried.”

We left, and will be back again next week.

Jury rights outreach – Dover (9/1/15)


Today I once again led a jury nullification outreach operation in Dover.

Jury nullification is where a jury decides not to convict based not on the letter of the law, but on the morality of the situation. Activists inform jurors of their rights by handing out pamphlets.

James Davis assisted me in the operation.

Towards the end of the operation, the deputy sheriff came out and politely reminded us to keep some distance from the door for security reasons. He maintained that the court was perfectly fine with what we were doing. This is the third or fourth time we have been talked to at this location because of our position relative to the door. Maybe it contains a power we were unaware of?

126 jurors were reached.

Jury rights outreach – Dover (8/18/15)


Today I once again led a jury rights outreach operation in Dover.

Jury nullification is where a jury decides not to convict a defendant not based on the letter of the law, but on the morality of the circumstances. Activists hand pamphlets to jurors informing them of their rights.

I was joined by James Davis and Seamus Casey for this operation.


James was addressed by a couple courthouse guards regarding how close to the side door he was standing (the guards had an issue with him being too close to the door before). They left a makeshift sign near the door to prevent activists from getting too close.

Strafford Country Sheriff David Dubois came over to explain the door situation, that a guard was concerned about blocking jurors from entering with ease. He encouraged us to keep up our activism, saying he really appreciated what we were doing.

57 jurors were reached.

Jury rights outreach – Dover (8/4/15)


Rights Brigade activists once again braved the rain to bring jury nullification education outreach to jurors in Dover.

Activists hand out pamphlets informing jurors of their right to nullify bad laws, a right that is protected under New Hampshire law.

James Davis carried out the operation. Around half the potential jurors had apparently been notified via email that they were not required to attend, but ended up coming anyway, much to their chagrin.

A court employee asked for a flyer, saying he had been “noticing everyone reading them inside and want to see what the fuss is about.”

All those offered pamphlets took one. 61 jurors were reached.

Jury rights outreach – Dover (7/21/15)


Today I joined fellow Rights Brigade activists in conducting a jury rights information operation in Dover.

We handed out pamphlets informing jurors of their right to nullify bad laws by voting not guilty regardless of the defendant is in the legal wrong.

I was joined by fellow activists James Davis, Seamus Casey, and Nicholas Boyle.

The operation was carried out without incident. 22 jurors were reached.