Jury Nullification Outreach & Conversations With Drug War Victims – Dover (1/5/16)


Rights Brigade returned to the Strafford County Courthouse on Tuesday, January 5th to conduct jury nullification outreach. While it was a relatively quiet day as far as jurors were concerned (just ten flyers handed out in total), it was a good opportunity to connect with some of the very people that jury nullification outreach is intended to help.

You see, Strafford County Courthouse also happens to hold mandatory meetings for those who have been convicted of drug related crimes. On this day, 3 individuals stood outside of the courthouse waiting for a ride, and I went over to say hello. We got to talking, and I explained what jury nullification is and our purpose for coming to the courthouse every other Tuesday.

I spoke at length with a young woman who shared how devastating the drug war has been in her life. She and her fiance have both been imprisoned for victimless drug related crimes, and she shared a heartbreaking tale of how frequent trips in and out of jail have made it extremely difficult for them to pick themselves up out of the throes of heroin addiction. [Read more…]

Free State Project outreach – Hampton (8/4/15)


Today I assisted in an outreach event to the Hampton Democrats regarding the Free State Project.

The Hampton Democrats, during their monthly meeting, invited Zandra Rice Hawkins from Granite State Progress (GSP) to give a presentation on the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and the Free State Project (FSP). From the invite email:

“Zandra Rice Hawkins will provide an update on the Free State Project and ALEC. If you are not familiar with either of these “initiatives” you should plan to attend – you will surprised and concerned at the amount of influence these two groups are playing – and hope to play – in New Hampshire.

Each of these promises to be VERY educational — pleas (sic) plan to join us.”

There were 11 total (adult) activists, among them Marcus and Sarah Chamberlain (and child), Kyle Mohney and his three children, Don McCollough, Ellen Blanchard, Denis Goddard, and Nelson Lourenço (not pictured). [Read more…]

NH Independence outreach – Amherst (7/4/15)


Today I joined members of the Foundation for New Hampshire Independence (FNHI) in 4th of July outreach in Amherst, during the large political parade.

The parade was populated by delegations from various presidential candidates, some by the candidates themselves, including Lindsey Graham, Rick Perry, and Jeb Bush.


We stood by the parade with a FNHI banner and two New Hampshire flags, and passed out flyers to parade goers. We also succeeded in handing flyers to Lindsey Graham and Jeb Bush.

Don McCollough and Ellen Blanchard, Ian Marshall, and Gavin Pitt were present, along with FNHI president Neal Connor.