The Rights Brigade is an all-volunteer project that receives no funding from, nor is controlled by, any particular group or individual. We do, however, accept, and encourage, anonymous tips for exceptional service to our community and causes.

We accept tips exclusively in cryptocurrency (find out why).

The Rights Brigade eschews the traditional nonprofit corporation model in favor of a decentralized grassroots model, supported only by the anonymous tips of supporters of our work. We do this to maintain maximum flexibility and independence in our work.

While those of us who are able will continue our activism regardless, tips give us the means to do more of what we do best, and more efficiently. The less time we have to devote to feeding ourselves and furnishing ourselves with necessary equipment, the more we can focus purely on changing the world for the better.

Consider it like any other tip, whether it be a musician, server, valet, or any other service. If you feel we’re doing good work to make the world a better place, you should send a

If you support this project, send us Bitcoin via the above QR code, or at the following address: 1ELB87f6avRgpRJ9VAEJce6rGSR3v8Y6EZ

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To send Dash, use the above QR code or the following address: XgZekmNWYH9VgqMpMy964mL4ggHhb5wi9S



To send Litecoin, use the above QR code or the following address: LQDDXXEcGvjzHteTUVjFVaYjeTtgc65o9j



To send Dogecoin, use the above QR code or the following address: D5fMRgi1zAJgZQyQpKtX787XNkUiL8E3E1

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