Why cryptocurrency?


We accept tips for activism exclusively in cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin. We do this for a number of reasons:

Cryptocurrency is a decentralized technology that is controlled by no one user, company, or organization. Similarly, the Rights Brigade is dedicated to decentralization and independence, and as such embraces approaches and technologies consistent with this mission.

Cryptocurrency isn’t specific to any geographic area or socioeconomic group, and is therefore suitable for any group to use. Using cryptocurrency means that anyone the world over who supports the Rights Brigade’s mission and has the means to access this site also has the means to support its continued success.

Ease of use
We seek to encourage support of all means, commitment levels, and degrees of spontaneity. Cryptocurrency allows anyone to instantly send whatever support they desire with great ease. We seek to diversify the Rights Brigade’s supporter base, making it no longer a game of a few wealthy and dedicated philanthropists, but of everyone and anyone.

The purpose of the Rights Brigade pursuing a decentralized volunteer model instead of a centralized nonprofit corporation model is to encourage independence, and the resulting flexibility, creativity, and ideological consistency. Cyptocurrency’s pseudonymous or anonymous nature, with users not forced to divulge any personal information, facilitates this independence. If we don’t know who’s sending what or how much, our activism can’t be bought.

So go send us some! Go support the Rights Brigade.