Jury rights outreach – Dover (3/22/16)


Today the Rights Brigade once again conducted jury nullification outreach in Dover.

Jury nullification is where a jury decides not to convict a defendant even if they law applies, but if the application of the law would yield an unjust result. Jury rights activists hand out pamphlets to prospective jurors informing them of their right to nullify.

Donna and Rich Priolo (not pictured) conducted the operation with their children Catarina and Isaac. They reached 109 jurors, expending all available flyers.

Jury rights outreach – Dover (6/9/15)


Today I once again assisted in a jury outreach operation in Dover. I was joined by James Davis, Nicholas Boyle, and Donna Priolo (not pictured). Together we handed out pamphlets informing jurors of their rights to nullify bad laws.

Most of the jurors present at the selection had already received our pamphlets at a previous outreach event. Still, we reached 20 new jurors. We also earned some popular goodwill by holding the door open for jurors, as well as watching a gentleman’s car while he ran inside to deliver something.

Jury rights outreach – Dover (5/19/15)


For the first time, today I participated in jury rights outreach in front of the William F. Grimes Justice and Administration Building in Dover. I was joined by Randy Clemens, Donna and Rich Priolo, James Davis, and Troy Brown.

We passed out pamphlets from NHJury.com to prospective jurors at a jury selection. We sufficiently covered the side and main entrances, distributing pamphlets to jurors and holding the door open (much appreciated on the rainy day that it was).

The public was largely receptive, and almost none refused the pamphlet.