State House Hearings – Concord (2/1/17)

Today I headed to Concord to advocate for liberty in the New Hampshire State House.

There were quite a few hearings to attend, though the only one of interest for which I was prepared to testify was SB 12, Constitutional Carry. Since that hearing already had droves of pro-liberty folks testifying in favor (to the point where the committee chair asked attendees if they wanted to forego their testimony for the sake of saving time), however, I opted not to testify, but instead sign up in support (or opposition) of various key bills.

To streamline my efforts while in Concord, I took advantage of the excellent bill review by the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance, which does a fantastic job of tracking and reviewing legislation, and overall acts as a great advocate for liberty at the State House.

These are the bills for which I signed in support/opposition:

SB 12: Constitutional Carry, or the right to carry a firearm concealed without a permit. I signed in support.

HB 590-FN: Establishing a state bank. I signed in opposition.

HB 633-FN: Allowing health insurance policies to be sold without mandates. I signed in support.

HB 640: Relative to the penalties for possession of marijuana. I signed in support.

HB 644: Extending the interest and dividends tax to capital gains, increasing exemptions from the tax, and providing for retirement system contributions on behalf of employers other than the state. I signed in opposition.

HB 656: Relative to the legalization and regulation of marijuana. I signed in support.