Tax increase protest phone bank – Dover (4/5/16)


I joined fellow activists for a phone bank to resist a tax increase in Dover.

The city of Dover’s school board proposed a budget for the city that would exceed the tax cap by over $3 million. This would have the effect of raising property taxes for the city. Americans for Prosperity hosted a phone bank to call Dover’s residents, let them know about the tax increase, and encourage them to attend the city council meeting in protest. Several Rights Brigade activists participated.

I was joined by Nelson Lourenço, Nicholas Boyle, and Vince Perfetto. Together, we comprised 4 of the 9 volunteers present, who were joined by two AFP staff members. Together, we called thousands of Dover residents to motivate them to stand against the tax cap. Less than half were aware of such an increase, and the vast majority were upset at the news. Several thanked us for keeping an eye out for them on issues that affect their town.

Jury rights outreach – Brentwood (8/3/15)


Jury rights activists reached Brentwood today for a jury education outreach operation.

Activists handed pamphlets to prospective jurors informing them of their right to nullify bad laws.

Kyle Mohney and Nelson Lourenço (not pictured) carried out the operation. 35 new jurors received a pamphlet.

A reporter from the Eagle Tribune was present, and asked for contact information, which was provided. We will keep abreast of any media coverage we garner.

Jury rights outreach – Brentwood (6/22/15)


For the first time, this week Rights Brigade activists performed a jury outreach operation in Brentwood.

Activists handed out literature at a jury selection date, informing prospective jurors of their right to nullify bad laws.

Kyle Mohney and Nelson Lourenço succeded in reaching 79 jurors.

This was the second successful activism event carried out without Rights Brigade leadership present.

(Since publication, Kyle Mohney is now an official Rights Brigade member)